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Ok so think about these three words; The Rat Race… what is it you ask? It is waking up, getting showered, getting dressed, going to work to make money to buy cars and clothes to impress people who don’t care about you! What a mouthful don’t you think?

How often do you think about money? How often do you run out of money? How often you’re your lack of money cause you sleepless nights?

Well say no more
Loan Picker SA is here to help you TODAY!!!

GO ON, we challenge you to take bull by the horns and make the decision of a better life for you and your loved ones.

About the Loan Picker SA family
We are a family owned company

We are a family owned company that operates close to the sandy beaches of Cape Town however our footprint is all over South Africa. Our immense infrastructure and highly skilled staff is what makes us a cut above the rest. We are able to handle large call volumes and process your information with the utmost of privacy. And best of all we are committed to getting the job done.

Our company comes from all walks of life; some have suffered, some have conquered and others are still committed to making a better life and this is what drives us to provide the best products and services to our fellow South Africans.

We all think of ourselves as South Africans and not South Afri-can’ts


Being in control of your finances is a perfect stress reliever… – Unknown

The Loan Picker SA Product Explained!
All you need to know
Civil & Labour Law Advice Assistance Service

Personal Injury Advice Assistance Service

Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Assistance Advice Service

Criminal Law Advice Assistance Service

Harassment Advice Assistance Service

Will and Testament Advice Assistance Service

Domestic Violence Advice Assistance Service

Conveyance Advice Assistance Service

Matrimonial Law Advice Assistance Service

Litigation Advice Assistance Service

General Advice Assistance Service

a Monthly Electronic Service Assistance Pack and

a complimentary Loan Finding Service!

The Loan Picker SA Package is yours for only R205.00 per month and you can enjoy your very own Advice Assistance Package with all of the above benefits.

GO ON, we challenge you to take bull by the horns and make the decision of a better life for you and your loved ones.